Suzanne Henson <-------------------@gmail.com>

Apr 7, 2023, 1:49 PM

I have used Kori's Kind Helpers for several months and found all of their health care workers beyond helpful and efficient. During this five month period, I have had healthcare workers full time, and recently for 13 hours a day. Everyone of these women have been beyond helpful and i recommend them highly. They are all kind, loving and have made my life immeasurably easier. I recommend them with no reservations. 

Suzy Henson



Julie Adcock said:

My mother is getting older and in need of in-home care. She actually knows the owners of Kori's Kind Helpers, so they were a natural choice. I was really terrified to hire in home care. I have seen too many videos of elder abuse and this was my biggest concern.  I called Robert to set up a consultation. My husband and I met with him and discussed our needs. I shared that my biggest concern was that the health care workers were kind to my mother. I don't want someone being condescending or short with her. Trust is the biggest issue bringing someone into your home to care for a beloved family member. . He assured us that his hiring process is selective and he monitors his business closely. 

I could not be more pleased with the women that are taking care of my mother. They are attentive, kind, professional, and thorough.  We have developed a level of trust with her care team and they have exceeded my expectations.  Robert has been easily accessible and quick to work out solutions when logistical issues present themselves.  I highly recommend Kori's Kind Helpers for those that are in need of care for a loved one. My mother's care has been exemplary.  

Sincerely, Julie Adcock

Feb 2, 2023 

Julie Timchak said:

Review of Kori’s Kind Helpers 1-25-2023

Usually December is an easy month, with celebration and relaxing. This past year was different. My dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic lung cancer and his health was declining rapidly by the beginning of December. Mid December my mother called to let me know that she had taken a fall in the apartment and was being transported to the hospital with a broken hip. To add to the stress and complication she had a blood infection as well. I drove over to take care of dad, and saw how his health had declined from the previous week. I immediately knew that he would need care 24/7. The first homecare group lasted 3 days-( we went through at least 5 care givers or more a day due to personnel issues), then Kori’s Kind Helpers was recommended to me. I called Alice to see if she could possibly schedule care for him Christmas weekend and going forward. (I was honestly expecting a no--) She said that she would be able to schedule care for my dad.

From the very moment Alice walked into the apartment I felt a sense of calm. She informed me that all of the caregivers are personally trained by her, and what they are expected to do while caring for a client. She spent a good amount of time sharing the type of care my dad would need, and that she would be able to arrange to have care for my mom as well when she returned from rehab after her hip repair. 

She also suggested that hospice would be a big help with my dads pain management and weekly checks, along with the special equipment they provide. (I had never had to deal with this type of situation). So, hospice was started. My dad enjoyed the conversations he was able to have with all the “ladies”. Four days later my dad passed at night. I cannot tell you the professionalism and caring manner that the caregiver showed. She was calm and caring in relaying the news to me at 2am and stayed until everything was taken care of. This was a blessing. It took a lot of stress and worry off of me at 2am.

Fast (not really- it seems like ages) forward to today. My mom returned to her apt Jan-4. Alice was there to welcome us herself and make the introduction of the night shift. I still decided to have care 24/7 since mom was recuperating both physically and emotionally from the events of the past weeks. All of Alice’s staff give me peace of mind allowing me to sleep at night and I have no worries during the day. She keeps the staff the same (2 rotating during the week for morning (2)and night(2). My mom has come to know each of them and each has there own special relationship with her. She has told me that she feels very comfortable with all of them. I have found each one of the caregivers, knowledgeable, friendly and very motivating when it comes to getting mom to continue to do her PT and OT. The house is kept clean and tidy, meals are prepared in timely fashion, and she is well kept regarding hygiene. She is encouraged to do things for herself while being monitored for safety. During sleeping hours, the caregiver remains awake and is there for mom when she needs to use the restroom.

I have never had any issues with missed times, missed days or days where we were without care. Alice herself will fill in (only once) if needed.

I believe that Alice and Kori’s Kind Helpers are extremely beneficial to the healing of my mother, both physical and emotionally as she deals with the healing of her hip and death of my dad. I couldn’t say enough about the kindness, patience and tentativeness that is shown every day by this group of amazing people.

 We are very blessed to be able to have found Kori’s Kind Helpers.

Julie Timchak 

John Roark said:

"During the last six months in my wife's final decline in health, I was totally responsible for her care. Six weeks before her death in April 2022, my wife's condition was such that she could do little for herself and required almost hour-to-hour care around the clock. Although I had a nurse once each week, a physical therapist once each week, and a personal assistant twice each week - each for about one hour - her decline and mine were at a breaking point.

I had met Alice Kori three years before during her care of a woman in our church and in desperation, I found her phone number. She had since gone into business for herself but she responded quickly to my needs for a caregiver for twelve hours each day. Soon thereafter began a need for 24-hour service and Alice quickly provided a total of four workers alternating shifts of twelve hours each. What a remarkable service that was both to my wife and myself. 

During Kori's assistance to me, I saw what caring Christian service really means. Her personnel saved my life and made my wife's last days much more comfortable. Having Alice there to make the system work was magnificent to observe. I am pleased to recommend Kori's Kind Helpers to anyone seeking care-giver assistance."

John Roark, 7/27/2022

Tom Crowell said:

​"Alice Kori is a superb caregiver; here is why I say that. Until January of this year, my wife Janet and I lived together on Granbury Drive in far north Dallas. Janet has Parkinson's Disease and by January was getting weaker in her body and mind, needing a lot of help for doing normal-life things that she did easily pre-Parkinson's. I provided the care that Jan needed, which was a full time job.

​In February I fell and broke my leg. This required me to spend a week in the hospital, then a month in a rehab center. I could neither take care of myself, much less for Jan. When my son Jon recognized how much help was needed for Jan, and later for the two of us, he contacted Alice. Alice cared for my wife all of February.

On March 1 I came home from rehab and Alice cared for the two of us, until we moved to Highland Springs in early June. (Alice had two excellent assistants who took shifts--Alice wasn't doing all of it.)

​I was not present in February, but my son informed me that Alice and colleagues were on the job every day, even in the worst of the cold weather. From March 1 until early June I saw how things were done.

 The main characteristic of Alice as a caregiver was that she genuinely cared. She didn't just do a job and go home with a paycheck. She cared how my wife and I were doing, what we were eating, how we were sleeping, how happy or sad we felt. She did everything in her power to see that we were doing well. She treated us like she would have treated her own mother and father, I think. We will not soon forget how well she cared for us."​

Tom Crowell, June 23, 2021

Diane Hale said:

"Alice Kori is such an amazing caregiver.  She truly understands and practices the caring part of the caretaking process. For Alice, caretaking is not just a list of duties to be completed. Her way of caring for her elderly clients is an ongoing expression of her patience and kindness. 

I am so thankful, for Alice’s diligent commitment to doing what was best for my mom.  As my mom continued to decline, my mom’s resistance to help, resulting from varied forms of confusion, often increased.  Despite this challenging difficulty, Alice remained patient and empathetic to all the feelings of confusion, that my mom was experiencing, as she patiently cared for my mom in her last weeks. 

I highly recommend Alice to anyone searching for a responsible and attentive caregiver who really cares for her clients."


Diane Hale

"The golden years can teach us to depend on God and the helpers he sends us." - Joni Ernst, Beyond Suffering Bible, pg. 383  

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